Parallel Processing

Tema suplimentara / Supplementary assignment

Studentii care au restanta la aceasta disciplina sau vor sa isi mareasca nota, au posibilitatea de a realiza o tema suplimentara. Aceasta este publicata in sectiunea aferenta seminarului pe platforma (incepand cu 25 martie 2019). Termenul limita este 31 mai 2019. Activitatea este evaluata cu 2 puncte. Acestea se aduna la punctajul existent al seminarului, dar fara a depasi cele 4 puncte alocate activitatii pe parcurs.

Students who need to pass this course or want to increase their grade, have the opportunity to do an additional assignment. It is published in the seminar section on (starting March 25, 2019). The deadline is May 31, 2019. The activity is rated 2 points. The points are added up to the existing score of the seminar, but without exceeding the maximum limit of 4 points allocated to the seminar/lab activity.


Understanding the concept of parallel programming, its advantages and disadvantages and how to implement it using OpenMP and other multi-threading platforms

Course Assessment 

  • 40% - assignments and lab activity
  • 60% - final exam (quizz test) - January 21st 2019, 19:00, 2001A and 2001D


  • Intro to Parallel Processing - Some key terms 
  • Intro to Parallel Processing - Why is important
  • Programming with OpenMP: setting working environment, use docs and resources
  • Programming with OpenMP - parallel structures, syntax and key elements (OpenMP 2.0 in VS2017)
  • Parallel algorithms
  • Solving problems: sorting, searching, image processing in parallel
  • Advanced stuff

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