Quantum Computing and Post Quantum Crypto

Quantum REPO

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Quantum Computing and PQC - Post Quantum Crypto

This repo contains the resources for the lectures and labs in Quantum Crypto field within ISM - IT | Cybersecurity Master Program - www.ism.ase.ro

This repo has modifications for the compilation & run command line (adapted to run with Java OpenJDK 17 and Open JavaFX 17 for MacOS/Linux on both Intel/AMD and ARM CPUs) and some modified samples from the Quantum Java repo - author Johan Vos and Quantum Assembly - Open QASM with references to Qiskit.

Quantum Java


This repo is cloned under BSD-3 license from the author Johan Vos who is author of the book: 'Quantum Computing in Action' @ https://www.manning.com/books/quantum-computing-in-action


Strange is a Java Open Source implementation for a Quantum Computing Simulator - main author Johan Vos: https://github.com/redfx-quantum/strange


StrangeFX is a Java Open Source with GUI implementation for a Quantum Computing Simulator - main author Johan Vos: https://github.com/redfx-quantum/strangefx


  • 'Quantum Computing in Action' by Johan Vos, Manning Publishing, January 2022, ISBN 9781617296321

https://www.manning.com/books/quantum-computing-in-action | https://github.com/johanvos/quantumjava

  • 'Programming Quantum Computers: Essential Algorithms and Code Samples' by Eric R. Johnston, Nic Harrigan, Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, O'Reilly Publishing, July 2019, ISBN-13: 978-1492039686 | ISBN-10: 1492039683

https://learning.oreilly.com/library/view/programming-quantum-computers/9781492039679/ | https://oreilly-qc.github.io/?p=2-4# | https://github.com/oreilly-qc/oreilly-qc.github.io | https://github.com/oreilly-qc/oreilly-qc.github.io/tree/master/samples | https://oreilly-qc.github.io/samples/Qiskit/

In addition for the mathematics, quantum mechanics and some additional coding please take into account the following:

More math recap:

  • 'Quantum Computing Fundamentals' by Dr. Chuck Easttom, Addison-Wesley Pearson Education, 2021, ISBN-13: 978-0136793816 | ISBN-10: 0136793819

Bloch Sphere Visualisation Repo

These repos are included in this repo and they are used for visualisation of the qubit(s) and quantum gates representation in Bloch sphere - author Casey Duckering: